Water Quality

Purifying, protecting, and providing water is among the most important of public stewardships, though perhaps not the best known.

While the Southern Cayuga Lake Intermunicipal Water Commission must be concerned with the day-to-day reliability of the Bolton Point Water System, it also must plan and act to meet future requirements, whether they come from population growth, changes that effect the Cayuga Lake watershed, government regulations, or from as yet unforeseen sources.

For over thirty years, the quality of our water has been very high, as confirmed by our long history of meeting federal and state requirements, not to mention our successes in regional and statewide water tasting contests.

The commissioners and staff of the Bolton Point Municipal Water System embrace their responsibilities as stewards of your water. We have a tradition of excellence which we intend to maintain. We are proud of what has been accomplished and equally proud of the privilege of continuing the stewardship.

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